Is 2 Better Than 1?


A strange title, hhmmm…

For anybody who knows me and my wedding photography, they will know I always have a second shooter. I did this for many reasons. In the beginning (not as far back as Adam & Eve beginnings I’ll have you know though, haha) I was scared to do a wedding on my own. It was back up, it was reassurance, it was company. Nowadays, it’s to get extra photos, it’s to get a different perspective, it makes it easier when the bride and groom are in 2 very different locations, it’s also a good eclectic mix of classical photographer and quirky photographer…

Take, for example, my second shooter…he is an awesome Landscape Photographer in his own right, but what a lot of people didn’t know is that he is a fantastic portrait photographer and details man…very important in a wedding!! I truly believe that his landscape photography qualities help in lining up shots, seeing lead-in lines up to the bride and groom, verticals and horizontals when the B&G are outside a church or venue, he is precise and an expert at composition.

He is, in fact so good, that the other week I got a booking based on his Landscape skills (the B&G want photos in the countryside…think big landscape and bigger vista). It got me thinking is 2 really better than 1…and the honest truth is – I don’t know (ah ha that fooled ya). I know many photographers who go it alone and are most splendid. I think it’s something you need to look at, think about but not obsess over. To me…feeling comfortable with your photographer is everything…and it helps if they have a camera too 😉

Here’s my second shooters site btw…he is a teeny weeny bit awesome x

Andy Phillips Landscape Photography

and here is some of his portrait work:

Some of Andys Portrait Work